You are currently viewing Photography Tips from Aaron Burden (IG@AaronBurden).

Photography Tips from Aaron Burden (IG@AaronBurden).

We recently had an opportunity to speak with rising Instagram photographer, Aaron Burden.  We also asked Aaron for some photography tips and what inspires him to capture some of his amazing photos. 

Aaron currently has close to 11,000 followers and he averages close to 600-800 Likes per post.  Aaron can be found here on Instagram and he also posts his work on his website here.

We were searching Instagram and Aaron’s work caught our eye.  We wanted to interview him, so we could get a little background on himself and provide our readers with some photography tips. 

It was a great opportunity for us to get to know the people behind the beautiful pictures we see everyday on Instagram.

1. How did you get into photography?


I have always been an early riser, so one of my favorite things to do is to watch the sunrise. I guess I started out with my iPhone 3GS trying to take pictures of sunrises and sunsets. From there, I picked up a refurbished Sony dslr and I’ve been trying to learn more ever since. 


2. What are some of your photography hardware (i.e., camera, lenses, etc)?  Which one do you tend to use most?


I shoot with a Lumix GX9 most of the time. I have a couple of prime lenses (30mm (macro), 25mm, 42.5mm, 14mm, and a 12-60mm). I also shoot with my iPhone with the Olloclip lenses, and my DJI Mavic Pro drone. 


3. What’s your go-to lens?


My favorite lens is my Panasonic 42.5mm 1.7. It’s such a versatile lens. Sine I enjoy macro photography, the 42.5mm can almost pass as a macro lens.


4. What software do you use to edit your pictures?


I use Lightroom if I am editing on my computer. 


5. Best photo edting apps?


On mobile, I enjoy using VSCO (I subscribe to VSCOX), Mextures, and Lightroom Mobile. The majority of my Social Media posts are edited on my iPhone, because it’s convenient. 


6. What are some of the things that inspire your photography?


I find inspiration from a lot of places. I enjoy following creative people on Instagram, and as a contributor to, there are a lot of inspiring photographers there.


7. How did you come up with your current color themes?  Do you sell your filters?


I like playing around in the VSCO app and then seeing if I can replicate the look I like in Lightroom. No, I haven’t sold any filters. I have made a few filters in the Mextures apps. I often share them on Instagram.


8. There’s a quiet peacefulness to your pictures.  Is that the mood you’re trying to capture in all your pictures?


Yeah, I guess so. I enjoy capturing those quiet mornings illuminated by the light of a sunrise. It reminds me of the words in an old hymn, “O let me ne’er forget that though the wrong seems oft so strong,
God is the Ruler yet.”


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9. What drone are you using for your pictures if you are?


I use the DJI Mavic Pro.


10. What drone recommendations do you have for people who can’t afford a DJI drone?


I honestly don’t know. I’ve only had DJI drones. I’m not a “professional” photographer, so I don’t have the funds to buy new gear all the time. I would recommend saving up and getting the best drone for your needs. 


11. What should people look for in a drone?


After having two different drones, I would recommend having crash avoidance sensors and gps. I know from experience that having obstacle avoidance sensors is very helpful.


12. What’s the difference between a good and great drone shot?


I would probably say composition, but a beautiful scene always helps too!  


13. What angles do you recommend shooting pictures at?


I like low perspectives, but I also recommend trying lots of different angles. I’m always experimenting. Sometimes it works and sometimes it really doesn’t!


14. What megapixel works best for your pictures?


My GX9 shoots 20mp, and my phone shoots 12mp. I go for the most I can, but I feel like most cameras are good enough for what I do at this point in my photography journey. 


15. Team Android or Team Apple?  Why?


I’m an Apple guy! I love the ecosystem and the accessories available for iPhone. I also love the design, quality, and service of Apple. I’m sure android is great, but I’m all in on Apple.


16. Team Nikon, Team Canon or Team Sony?  Why?


I guess I would be on team Panasonic Lumix. I have shot micro four thirds for awhile, because I love the size and quality. I shot with a GX7 before I picked up my GX9 and I’ve loved them both. 


17. Do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring photographers or Instagram influencers?


I think the best thing you can do is keep shooting and don’t worry about followers and likes. I know it is hard not to get into the “likes game” but I believe it’s more important to shoot because you enjoy it. So my advice is to keep shooting, sharing, and connecting with other inspiring people.


You can check out Aaron’s work here:


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